Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yahoo announces Shoposphere

Yahoo has announced its advanced shopping search Shoposphere. It also has a feature called Pick Lists which sounds like Amazon Listmania. The blog entry says this featire will help tap the Long Tail of shopping better.

For a quick comparison with Froogle, try running a search for 'Apple Laptops' in both engines. The difference you see is because of divergent search ideologies.

Froogle results: Totally computer-generated. Result: Filtering possible only in terms of price

Y! Results: You give the job to humans and they can give you filter options in terms of processor, memory, size etc,. !!

Now which one would you prefer ? Does it matter how brilliant the geeks are who write great algorithms ?


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kicha said...

dey, I did not find any explanation on this shoposphere da.
can u plz elaborate?