Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why are Internet browsers not personalizable ?

With many browsers coming out with powerful bookmark and feed tools, why aren't we seeing personalisation features in browsers. With the general move in the industry is seen towards accessing applications/services from different devices and some kind of uniformity expected, why can't we just login to a browser using a unique id and see all our settings, bookmarks and feeds from any computer/device ?

There should be incentive for browser makers too in this feature. They just lock in the user and have a history of what the user's browsing habits for life. You cannot ask for more than that for a better targeted advertising that works.

Btw, I am trying AOL Explorer to see if I can get a better experience than Firefox. It has some 'cool' features, but mostly none are much useful. One irritating aspect is there is no way I can import bookmarks from Firefox. If you are looking to get users from competitors, why would you not make the transition easier ?

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