Sunday, February 13, 2005

If Carly were a man

on NYTimes

..... many who know Ms. Fiorina say that her personal style simply did not work at Hewlett-Packard. The company, they say, had always stressed collegiality over hierarchy, autonomy over oversight, innovation over pomp, and a low profile over bombast. Ms. Fiorina made few friends in that environment. "Carly revels in risk, and has a tough, relentless style," Ms. Wellington said. "A quieter, less abrasive, less in-your-face style might have bought her more time, more allies among employees and kinder, gentler treatment from the media."

But wouldn't that be true of a man as well? "Women still have the stereotype of nurturers and team builders, and that wasn't Carly," Ms. Wellington said. "She was a tough boss, hard critic, stern judge, and women still don't get approbation for those traits."

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