Monday, January 31, 2005

How to control Firefox memory usage ?

This link has the mozilla forum discussion on FF memory usage.

Agreed, this is an issue - in *theory*, Firefox is supposed to use as much RAM as you have available, but let it go when another application needs it. In practice, I find FF is not too great about being well behaved - when memory usage gets too large, it seems to sluggify things a bit. Luckily, the fix is trivial and after doing this, I have had no more problems with FF eating up RAM.

If you are looking for a simple solution :

type about:config into the location bar, press enter, right click any line, choose "new">"integer", paste this into the dialogue that appears:


click okay, specify the amount in kb in the next dialogue that appears, restart firefox.

What you are doing here is not restricting the memory footprint of the FireFox application. This just restricts the "memory cache" (which sometimes gets unruly) used by FF.

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