Monday, January 24, 2005

Cold Technology

First two parts of a three part series on Rediff

Rajesh Jain is managing director of Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Part I: Cold technology? What's that?

Part II: Why cold technology is vital

Coburn wrote in a research note in early 2003: "A cold technology issue is one that commands a major portion of the agenda while having neutral revenue or even anti revenue attributes.

The Bells have lost some 28 million local phone lines since the end of 2000 -- a drop of more than 18 per cent. This is the first time since the Great Depression that phone companies have seen their lines decline.

Wi-Fi Networking News puts this in perspective: "If users get hooked on Wi-Fi networks that are free to access, they may decide to go out of their way to find a free hotspot rather than pay for the cellular access which at least these days is far more expensive. However, it's likely that a certain market segment will pay for the convenience of having the higher speed wireless data from the cellular operators in more locations."

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